Talent Hub


​​​​​Over the years, we have been helping amazing professionals get jobs and we realized there is a better way to recruit our professionals. 

We created the Talent Hub so that it could be a platform where talented professionals and employers can meet. 


Why We are Different?


  • We are subject matter experts in Regulatory, Financial Crime and Cryptocurrency Compliance
  • We provide exclusive career opportunities that haven’t been publicly posted 
  • We keep an open dialogue with candidates and provide constructive and honest feedback
  • We assist companies in finding the BEST fit for their organization and help them create reasonably and practical job description
  • We leverage our pool of global community of candidates and recruiters to bring the best opportunities 
  • We care about the job candidates, we make their journey less stressful and frustrating


Complete this form and add your detail to our database to contact you once a job opportunity arise.



TCAE Talent Hub 


Our Clients

Our Clients